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Eco friendly baby and toddler clothing from a company you will love.
Every design captures the diverse, inclusive, resilient spirit of childhood.
Discover clothing that's designed with love and embedded with goodness 



I love Finer and Dandy because it’s not just a shop for baby clothes! It has matching tops for mommas and their babies which is what all moms love to do with their kiddos! I also love supporting small business because I know how hard they are working behind the scenes for their customers. It means more buying from them than any shop.

toddler sitting next to smiling parents and eating a birthday cake

A few of my favorite things

three handmade bibs. one is white with rainbows on it, one is orange, and the third has brown lines on it

Handmade Bibs

a white sweatshirt that says mamas make magic on it

Adult Sweatshirts

white coffee mug with an orange rainbow and the name Goldie on it

Personalized Mugs


Committed to the littlest humans

Finer and Dandy is an official partner of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals®
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