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Eco friendly clothing from a company you will love.
Every design captures the diverse, inclusive, resilient spirit of childhood.
Discover clothing that's designed with love and embedded with goodness. 



As a first time mom all I ever want is to provide the best for my little one; Finer and Dandy is just that! How amazing is it that you can dress your little in cute outfits and not feel guilty because they are zero waste! I LOVE IT

 - Maria -

woman carrying her toddler and holding up her phone

A few of my favorite things

Toddler laying on the ground next to four stuffed animals and wearing a white bodysuit with the ASL sign for I love you on it

Love You Bodysuit

baby laying on a blanket printed with rust colored triangles and black rainbows

Mountain Rainbow Minky Blanket

A baby wearing a white bodysuit with a rainbow on it and laying on a striped blanket

Earth Rainbow Bodysuit


Committed to the littlest humans

Finer and Dandy is an official partner of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals®
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