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Welcome friends of Michaela

Eco friendly baby and toddler clothing from a company you will love.
Every design captures the diverse, inclusive, resilient spirit of childhood.
Discover clothing that's designed with love and embedded with goodness 



Finer and Dandy has a wonderful mission statement, to connect through kindness. They are doing their part to help our planet as a zero-waste and eco-friendly company. Their products are eye-catching and represent such positivity!

 - Michaela -

toddler sitting on the floor next to a package of diapers

A few of my favorite things

toddler wearing a white dress with the words child like wonder, a black rainbow, and an orange circle on it

Clay Swaddle Blanket

toddler wearing a white bodysuit with a small orange rainbow on it

Little Boho Rainbow Bodysuit

white coffee mug that says we rise we heal we overcome on it

Rise Mug


Committed to the littlest humans

Finer and Dandy is an official partner of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals®
Donate when you check out!